Who We Are?

urbane mentors

Urbane Mentors is a Corporate Training academy that specialises in soft skills training and human capitol development for corporations. We aim to unlock high-level performance amongst individuals,and large organizations by offering professional certification courses and conducting customized training programs on issues that affect workplace performance.

In executing the above, Urbane Mentors will be  registered as an Approved Training Provider for the Human Resources Development Fund Center. It is with this in mind that we plan to improve the current trend in the corporate training sector. Urbane Mentors will be a catalyst for attaching the missing link between the knowledge learned and practical work applications, with the ultimate goal of providing a long-term SOLUTION for a company.

Our Mission

Our mission is to design and deliver high impact training programs that produce outstanding human performance in organizations.

Guiding Philosophy

We are committed to creating a strong human capital performance within an organization

our vision

We envision delivering sustainable human capital for the future

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Expert know-how, training experience, tertiary instituion teaching experience, social skills and a passion for success – these are the trademarks of Urbane Mentors trainers. As a result, they bring along a wealth of professional insights from a broad range of industries, as well as from operations in small, mid-sized and even major global companies. Most important however, is their ability to transfer knowledge with effective teaching skills and training plans – which is why every trainer is also certified as an instructor. 

our trainer

R. Murali Rajaratenam is known as being highly habillis and has more than two decades of experience in the communication field, ranging from Journalism, Branding and Event Management. With his passion in Self Branding, he coaches budding leaders and individuals at all levels in organisations on how to self express with confidence and most importantly with integrity.

 A HRD Corp certified trainer,R Murali’s endeavours has thrust him into the world of digital networking, marketing, team-building, leadership and skills development. 

Passionate about learning and development, his exploits as a Senior Lecturer at HELP University has open doors to understanding the dynamics of different students along with behavioral patterns within a teaching environment. His creative writing skills developed as a journalist during his stint in New Straits Times is well displayed in his frequent opinion pieces pubished in The Star, The Sun and other online media.

With a basic degree in the Sciences and immense working experience in the field of arts, R. Murali is a melting pot of knowledge who aims to develop individuals both spiritually and mentally  enabling them to capitalise on their skills and contribute towards a harmonious working environment