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Advancements in technology, communication, and the social network are disrupting businesses, organisations and communities all over the world in all aspects of our daily lives.

As adults we strive everyday to keep up with these changes in order to stay relevant, to remain employed and to have a fulfilling life. This unforeseeable future that we face is becoming daunting.

At Urbane Mentors, our educational programme is deliberately and thoughtfully designed to provide participants with the knowledge, skills and understanding that will enable them to successfully navigate through this constant change.

Participants will experience personal and collective growth that will see them emerge as decent, confident, complete, learned individuals who are both willing and able to live good lives; lives that see them achieve personal success whilst contributing to improving the lives of the people with whom they come into contact, and society as a whole.

Our programmes are designed to ensure our participants are ‘Future Ready’.

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Supervisory Skills

Leaders in supervisory positions must make challenging decisions that a regular employee would never confront. To thrive in their position, great leaders must develop supervisory skills.

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Business Communication

Professionalism in communication stems from assertiveness in behaviour, and therefore this seemingly understandable skill is far deeper rooted than it might appear. The success of business communication lies in an individual’s ability to fully imbibe the responsibility of their representation in the global scheme of things.

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Generation Management at the Workplace

For the first time in history, five generations — Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, Generation X (or Gen Xers), Millennials and Generation Z – are working together under the same roof. A definite lack of awareness exists among these four distinct groups. Typically, those of each generation feel they know best—better than those who came earlier, and certainly much better than the new kids on the block. This leads to management challenges, disruption and productivity issues.

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Digital Marketing

A certification in digital marketing mainly familiarises participants with its basics and fundamental components, techniques and tools. It aims to impart the learner with the key features of Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Video Marketing, E-mail Marketing, Budgeting, Planning, etc